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What is trending for fall and winter 2021? Big & Bold...and little unique!

I know, I know - I KNOW! But its mid-summer, why are we talking fall and winter already? Well, because it will be here one way or another - and why not be ready when it is!

There are some great trends popping up this fall and winter! Colors we love - dark shades of yellow, camel, and blues. Right??!! I am super excited to add these items to my wardrobe and life in general! Besides the fact that these colors all go so well together - or in various degrees of shades. Blue accents are a great way to pop out a little uniqueness in any outfit for any activity! Purses, scarfs, hats, shoes, bracelets, earrings....the list goes on and on!

Then there is a new trend of pastels in the fall! Something very unexpected yet unique for us all! You will see tons of these combinations popping up all over the place! Be on the look-out! This is truly a unique trend!

Another new and upcoming fall trend will be big and bold blazers - you know that adorable oversized jackets that look fantastic with everything you have already in your wardrobe. What you don't think so, try me! I swear by them! This also leads into another fabulous look the unique fabric and pattern for overcoats - now I have personally found some great new options in Camel and Winter White already - so find your uniqueness today! The options are unlimited!

The pictures are just examples of what is out upcoming - visit the One Spotted Unicorn Boutique for some trendy, comfortable, and awesome products to add to your unique closet and style!

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