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What and how fashion trends continue to evolve!

Each new generation seeks to find its styles, trends, and uniqueness. Each generation believes it was the best, however as we continue to grow, evolve, sustain, and push the boundaries of life and fashion, we build new trends.

It is always important to find what makes YOU feel like it belongs ON you, and makes you feel like the unique person you are. How? Well let's start but finding what fits well, and brings out the personality that is solely (or is that soul-ly?) yours! What makes you want to take on the world, or just get out of bed. We each have our own motivation.

I personally love to put together an outfit that makes sense of ME and for ME. Sometimes it is converse and jean skirts, sometimes that is sexy flowy dresses that fits the unique mood I am in. Sometimes, I like to be retro 80's and 90's all the time. What about you? What trends do you like that you have evolved to fit you? Seek and you shall find - uniqueness!

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